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Maybe this should be added as two separate items but here's what I have.

Often I get caught up trying to track down something (using "go to implementation/definition") and I get a lot of opened tabs. I'd like to use :tabonly to close everything except for the currently opened tab. This functionality is built into VS when you right click on a tab and select "Close all but this".

EDIT: remove :qa behavior request

jaredpar commented Jul 8, 2013

Thanks for reporting!

I will definitely implement :tabonly. I didn't realize that was a vim feature but have wanted that exact functionality for some time.

As for :qa the closing of Visual Studio is by design. The reason why is this is the explicit behavior of :qa in gVim. I've received this feedback a few times and have considered changing it in VsVim. But whenever I do I get a lot of push back from people who want :qa to mean exactly what it does in gVim. I'm generally loath to break compat with Vim unless there is a very compelling reason to do so. Hence in this case with mixed feedback I've chosen to maintain the gVim behavior.


I assumed qa would have kickback. That's perfectly fine with me. I'll appreciate :tabonly though. Thanks for the quick response.


I updated the initial text to exclude the :qa request


For now I'm using map <leader>to :vsc File.CloseAllButThis<cr> :)

Kazark commented Aug 5, 2013

@brettof86 Good call with the mapping

Kazark commented Oct 6, 2014

@jaredpar I'm going to take a shot at this, unless you have already started on it.

@jaredpar jaredpar closed this in #1457 Oct 7, 2014
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