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Ctrl-C cannot exit from Edit mode to Normal mode #730

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In behavior of the VIM, when pressing the Ctrl-C in the Edit mode, it will jump back to Normal mode. Just like we press the Esc key in the Edit mode.

But this feature does not work on VsVim


Thanks for taking the time to report this issue.

This is implemented in VsVim but is disabled by default. Ctrl-C is standard for copy in Windows and is popular enough that VsVim won't handle it by default. You can enable it by going to the Options dialog and manually switching control from Visual Studio to VsVim.

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I have set Handle all with VsVim in the VsVim Options dialog. And it still does not work.
I found that there is no Options for Ctrl-C for me to change the Handled by setting.
I am using version

@jaredpar jaredpar reopened this

My bad. You are correct. I haven't implemented Ctrl C for insert mode (i was thinking of a similar issue with visual mode). I'll get this added for a future release.

@jaredpar jaredpar closed this issue from a commit
@jaredpar Added support for CTRL-C exiting insert mode. Since CTRL-C is as
ubiquitous as CTRL-V, CTRL-X it was given the same special treatment in
the options dialog (it must be manually mapped).

closes #730
@jaredpar jaredpar closed this in d80875b
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