Google Glass Development - GDK + SDK
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Open Source Google Glass Development

Table of Contents

Google Glass Example GDK Applications:

Important Libraries:

Basic ADB Usage(For Terminal or CMD Prompt):

Information for side loading Android applications.

  • Keep Your Google Glass On while charging/developing:
    • adb shell svc power stayon true | false | usb | ac
  • Turn off Wifi and only use Bluetooth
    • adb shell svc wifi enable | disable
  • Installing/Uninstall Applications(.apks):
    • adb install -r FILE.apk
    • adb uninstall FILE.apk
  • Running the Application:
    • adb shell am start -n PACKAGE.NAME/.MAIN.ACTIVITY.NAME
  • List all Packages on your Android Device:
    • adb shell pm list packages -f
  • List all Relative Information about your Android Device:
    • adb shell dumpsys
      • adb shell dumpsys battery
      • adb shell dumpsys wifi
      • adb shell dumpsys cpuinfo
      • adb shell dumpsys meminfo
        • adb shell dumpsys meminfo PACKAGE.NAME
    • adb shell cat "/system/build.prop" | grep "product"
  • Screenshots from Commandline
    • adb shell /system/bin/screencap -p /sdcard/screenshot.png
    • adb pull /sdcard/screenshot.png screenshot.png

Read more:

Example Applications for Google Glass:

  • GDK
  • OpenCV or Android SDK
    • Glass Preview
      • "Hotfix" for Google Glass camera preview - post-XE11
    • Face Detection
      • "Hotfix" for Google Glass camera preview - post-XE11
      • Optimization coming soon
    • Image Manipulation
      • Mixed Processing and Camera Control Tutorials
      • Canny, Sobel, RGBA, Gray, Feature Detection, etc

Third Party Applications(/third-party):

Here are helpful applications to install on your Glass in order to start testing and developing.

Google Glass Resources: