A point buy calculator for the 13th Age tabletop RPG system.
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13th Age Point Buy Calculator

A point buy calculator for the 13th Age tabletop RPG system.

JavaScript is included in header (as well as CSS, but let's be honest, that's not why you're here) to make the underlying code easier to find. ALSO, because it's all in one doc with no images or external media, feel free to save this file locally, email it, etc, and still have access to all of it's workings while offline. Most of the backend code is done, so I am continuing to tweak the CSS for better adaptive display.

When the project is finished, inside you can find treasures like:

  • How to calculate ability mods based on ability scores
  • How to claculate point costs based on ability scores
  • Delicious Cake
  • And of course, how many stats you can afford to buy for your 13th age character at level 1.

I like sharing. Sharing is awesome. Feel free to rip pieces of this code for use in your own projects, whatever they may be. If you wanted to give me a shout out in said project, that would be nice too.

Jared Stander