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ampt - Animated Mapping Toochain

Get ampt, bro!

This project aims to provide some instructions and examples for building animated visualizations of spatiotemporal data.


A Day of Tweets

2011 Tornado and Hail Activity

A Week of Tweets - New York City



These instructions need more detail, but hopefully combined with the examples, it is enough to get you started.

  • Find some data that has both temporal and spatial features.
  • Format your data in a CSV file with the a header identifying the columns. The temporal feature should be formatted as a unix timestamp and given a column header of timestamp. The spatial features should be a latitude and longitude with headers lat and lon respectively.
  • Create a project in Tilemill and add your CSV file as a layer.
  • Design your map.
  • Copy your Tilemill project directory
  • Copy the script template to your new project directory
  • Fill in your values for all the constants in
  • Update the copied style.mss to add in conditioning that will enable only data within a given timeframe to be shown for a video frame. Add [timestamp>=%d][timestamp<%d] next to the id controlling the styling for your data layer.
  • Edit the project.mml and change style.mss to style_modified.mss