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This is a loose shell port of the nrfjprog.exe program distributed by Nordic. It relies on JLinkExe (from to interface with the JLink hardware.

The generated scripts were basically lifted from the Makefiles distributed with the nrf51-pure-gcc-setup project, so much thanks to @hlnd.

usage: <action> [hexfile]

where action is one of:

  • --info
  • --reset
  • --pin-reset
  • --erase-all
  • --flash
  • --flash-softdevice
  • --flash-bootloader-bin

Un-bricking Particle Mesh Boards

This script has been modified specifically to un-bork Particle Mesh boards. Instructions to un-bork are the following:

  1. Run ./ --flash-softdevice /path/to/s140_nrf52_6.0.0_softdevice.hex
  2. Then, run ./ --flash-bootloader-bin /path/to/xenon-bootloader@1.3.0-rc.1.bin 0xf4000

As of this writing, the latest firmware is xenon-bootloader@1.3.0-rc.1.bin and the boot loader start location is 0xf4000. This parameter may change in future revisions.

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