Clone of BatteryMon, a simple GNOME applet to monitor battery status. This adds i18n support, a distutils based build infrastructure, etc. The homepage of the original software is at
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batterymon-clone is a simple battery monitor tray icon for Linux.

  • Written in Python
  • Should work on any desktop environment
  • Very little dependencies: just Python and PyGTK
  • Optional support for notify-python, for notifications using libnotify

The current implementation reads battery information from /sys/class/power_supply/, and updates the state by polling every few seconds.

Changelog summary:

  • Version 1.4.0 reads information from /sys/class/power_supply/, which has been added in Linux kernel 2.6.23. However, it uses power_now instead of current_now, and thus only works on 2.6.30 and newer.

  • Version 1.3.0 reads information from /proc/acpi/ interface (which has been removed from Linux kernel 2.6.39). The old DBus+HAL code was replaced by polling the battery state every few seconds.

  • Older versions used DBus and HAL instead of polling the state every few seconds. However, support for HAL has been deprecated and removed from most distros.


batterymon-clone is a fork of batterymon

batterymon was originally written in mid-2009 by Matthew Horsell and Tomas Kramar, and was available at Google Code.

It was later forked in 2010 as batterymon-clone by sayamindu on GitHub.

After a long time without commits, denilsonsa forked and updated it in mid-2011.

Each one of the authors contributed a little in order to make batterymon a better software for their own needs. You can also contribute! Feel free to fork this code and improve it!

Future improvements

Here is a list of things you can do to help moving batterymon forward:

  • Some code cleanup/refactor.
  • Add native GTK/freedesktop theme support (see [issue 16 at Google Code][oldissue15]).
    • But built-in theme support should still be kept.
  • Add back support to DBus, but using newer interfaces. See battery-status or batti-gtk projects for inspiration.
    • But polling support should still be kept as fall-back.
  • Take a look at issue list at Google Code and try fixing them.
  • Port to Python 3
  • Update i18n

You do not need to ask for permission to fix them. Just fork this repository and start coding!