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CtxLicUsage - Citrix License Usage monitoring script

Those scripts are used to generate nice graphs showing Citrix License Usage - only User/Device.

Documenation for those scripts are located on my blog post. Here are also the download link for RRDtool Windows binaries.

  • RRDtool for Windows (binary)
  • PowerShell v.2
  • Task scheduler enabled on Windows machine

The script files has to be places in CTX directory on C: drive (right now it's hardcoded). It will be changed in the future

To install this script:

  • Create CTX directory on the C: drive of Citrix License Server
  • Inside CTX directory create two directories: graphs and RRDtool
    • graphs – folder contain generated graphs
    • RRDtool – windows binaries - put there RDD binaries
  • Put all files to CTX directory:
    • CtxLicUsage_RRDCreate.bat – script to create Round Robin Database (RRD file)
    • CtxLicUsage.rrd – our Round Robin Database
    • CtxLicUsage_Graph.bat – script with commands to generate graphs – this batch is run using Task Scheduler
    • CtxLicUsage_Update.bat – script to execute PowerShell script- CtxLicUsage_Update.ps1 – this batch is run using Task Scheduler (every 5 minutes)
    • CtxLicUsage_Update.ps1 – script to update RRD file
  • Set Task Scheduler, to execute this CtxLicUsage_Update.bat script every 5 minutes (infinitely)
  • Wait couple of minutes and be happy of new nice graphs
  • Add config file (right now some information are hardcoded inside the scripts)
  • Add options to monitor Concurrent Users licenses