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Pseudo pessimistic model locking for the Eloquent ORM (Laravel 5.3+).


Package goes along with Laravel (Illuminate) versioning for your convenience:

Laravel / Illuminate 5.3+:

  1. require package: composer require sofa/model-locking:"~5.3"
  2. if you're using Laravel 5.1 - 5.4, add to your config/app.php under providers: Sofa\ModelLocking\ServiceProvider::class,,
    if you're using Laravel 5.5+ the service provider will register itself automatically
  3. publish package assets: php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Sofa\ModelLocking\ServiceProvider"
  4. create model locks table by running php artisan migrate
  5. add trait use \Sofa\ModelLocking\Locking to the model that should offer locking
  6. OPTIONALLY customize package config in config/model_locking.php


Basic example:

// controller
public function edit(Post $post)
    if ($post->isLocked()) {
        return response([
            'status' => 'locked',
            'message' => 'Resource you are trying to access is locked',
            'lock_expiration' => $post->lockedUntil(),
        ], 423);

    return view('posts.edit', compact('post'));

public function update(Post $post)
    if ($post->isAccessible(request('lock_token'))) {
        return redirect()->back()
                         ->withErrors(['danger' => 'Resource you are trying to update is locked']);

    // broadcasts ModelUnlocked event, so you can push notification
    // to the user who tried to access locked post.

    return redirect('posts.index');

public function requestUnlock(Post $post)
    if ($post->isAccessible()) {
        $token = $post->lock('5 minutes', auth()->user());

        return response([
            'status' => 'unlocked',
            'message' => 'Resource is now locked by you',
            'lock_expiration' => $post->lockedUntil(),
            'lock_token' => $token,

    // broadcasts ModelUnlockRequested event, so you can push
    // notification to the user who locked the resource.
    $post->requestUnlock(auth()->user(), request('unlock_message'));

// app/Console/Kernel - it will remove expired locks
//                      AND fire ModelUnlocked event for all of them

// Available broadcasting events:
// new ModelLocked($post)
// new ModelUnlocked($post)
// new ModelUnlockRequested($post, $requesting_user, $request_message)

soon more in-depth info, meanwhile take a look at the specs:

  /\ /\__ _| |__ | | __ _ _ __
 / //_/ _` | '_ \| |/ _` | '_ \
/ __ \ (_| | | | | | (_| | | | |
\/  \/\__,_|_| |_|_|\__,_|_| |_|

  ✔ it checks if active lock for model exists
  ✔ it checks if existing lock is still active
  ✔ it gets user who locked model
  ✔ it gets null as timestamp and user if model is not locked
  ✔ it sets by default authenticated user as one who is locking the model
  ✔ it unlocks the model on demand
  ✔ it lets you request unlock of a locked model
  ✔ it allows setting lock shortening when unlock request is made
  ✔ it verifies if model can be accessed with provided token
  ✔ it allows passing user_id as locking user
  ✔ it allows passing user instance as only param to `lock` method
  Lock duration precedence
    ✔ it locks the model for provided time by given user
    ✔ it next takes `lock_duration` property if set on the model
    ✔ it then falls back to the config
    ✔ it finally gets the default value: 5 minutes
  Fires broadcasting events to make push notifications a cinch
    ✔ it fires event when model is being locked
    ✔ it fires event when model is being unlocked
    ✔ it fires event when unlock request is made, with optional: requesting user and his message

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All contributions are welcome, PRs must be tested (using kahlan) and PSR-2 compliant.


Pseudo pessimistic model locking with broadcasted events for Laravel Eloquent ORM.







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