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f223bac Revision created by MOE tool push_codebase.
dtbentley authored
1 # This is a list of contributors to the Closure Library.
3 # Names should be added to this file like so:
4 # Name or Organization <email address>
6 Google Inc.
b170e1c Change on 2010/06/16 by nicksantos
nicholas.j.santos authored
7 Mohamed Mansour <>
474def4 Change on 2010/06/17 by mpd authored
8 Bjorn Tipling <>
330ec8a Ingestion of patch
nanaze authored
9 SameGoal LLC <>
63b1be7 TableSorter should support columns that are not sortable. authored
10 Guido Tapia <>
a80b72b goog.dom.getDocumentScroll unit test + fix for iOS 4 authored
11 Andrew Mattie <>
9a85e49 goog.getCssName usage fixes authored
12 Ilia Mirkin <>
a091567 Make goog.debug.normalizeErrorObject always work on Firefox 2 authored
13 Ivan Kozik <>
ed6cae3 Ingest from Rich Dougherty authored
14 Rich Dougherty <>
f889aa7 Fix for a minor spelling error authored
15 Chad Killingsworth <>
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