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Return value of and is going to

change from ?number to As a first step, we
are switching the return value to a typedef (currently
just typedef to ?number). This CL switches JS files to use this typedef.

Obviously, the subsequent change will be problematic if this code
make an assumption that the return value is a number and uses the return
value in context where the number is required (e.g. goog.isNumber, using
it as index to an array). While I've tried my best to fix these usages,
I may have missed some of them. Please check that the code will still
remain correct if the return value of is
changed to an object ( Furthermore, if
you know of any other location where the return value is used in a context
that require it to be numbers, please send me a quick email.

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1 parent 1c8cd97 commit c9c880db3433d7183339a9d3afd58ef9cbb09e72 committed Jan 28, 2013
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  1. +3 −3 closure/goog/dom/bufferedviewportsizemonitor.js
@@ -73,15 +73,15 @@ goog.dom.BufferedViewportSizeMonitor = function(
* Listener key for the viewport size monitor.
- * @type {number}
+ * @type {}
* @private
- this.listenerKey_ = /** @type {number} */ (
+ this.listenerKey_ =
- this));
+ this);

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