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R package for community ecologists
Pull request Compare This branch is even with vegandevs:master.
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R cleaner fix than bdd2c05 to find variables in .GlobalEnv
data Merge masterto branch dbRDA-legendre to resolve conflicts
inst NEWS are for 2.3-0 (were 2.2-2)
man add missing quote in example code; fixes issue #143
src add Mahalanobis to vegdist
tests update tests/vegan-tests: anova of partial capscale consistent now
vignettes Point to Gav's declutter blogs in the bottom of the heap
.Rbuildignore ignore my local Makefile used for automating testing
.gitattributes add appveyor CI support
.gitignore .gitignore some files
.travis.yml add travis CI
DESCRIPTION we depend on permute (>= 0.8-0) which introduced how()
NAMESPACE got wrong user name in links
appveyor.yml add appveyor CI support

vegan: an R package for community ecologists

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