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R package for community ecologists

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R Check for constant variables & 1-level factors in bioenv
data Use Taxonstand 1.3 (prerelease version) to check the BCI names
inst Tell that ChangeLog is no longer updated
man ordiParseFormula no longer uses 'envdepth' argument
src add Mahalanobis to vegdist
tests Add Richard Telford's tweeted test on scoping in rda
vignettes Add latex \ref to previous word with ~
.gitattributes add appveyor CI support
.travis.yml add travis CI
DESCRIPTION Explicitly suggest parallel package
NAMESPACE More importFrom(mgcv, ...) or ordisurf fails after library(gam) add appveyor badge to
appveyor.yml add appveyor CI support

vegan: an R package for community ecologists

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