This was a project I created to help me learn the D2 language. If you find it usable, branch it but do not ask for help.
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This software is licensed under the GPL v2 license.

Compiled and tested with DMD64 D Compiler v2.059 on ubuntu 12.04

Tested automatically by attacking the service with many multiple concurrent requests ( that in turn ensures less probability for deadlocks.

Single threaded and non-blocking. Supports many thousands of concurrent requests at any given time.


Download or fork into any arbitrary folder.

Install DDT for Eclipse. Execute the automatically generated executable from the project directory, or right click the project in Eclipse and choose "Run as" -> "D Application".

~/d2-simple-socket-server$ bin/SimpleServer
Disable Log: false  Log All: true   Log level: ALL
2012-06-01T18:15:23.5954827Z INFO: Listening on port 1234

This will load the logger properties file in the project directory. If you decide to move the executable, and forget about the file it will set LogLevel to ALL by default like this:

~/d2-simple-socket-server$ bin/SimpleServer
Failed in AbstractLogger constructor.
Falling back to LogLevel.ALL.
To override the log level you'll have to add a file in the current directory, that you fill with the property "simpleserver.logger.level=INFO"
2012-06-01T18:18:07.4504363Z INFO: Listening on port 1234