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Library for working with PureData on the Bela Platform
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Library for working with PureData on the Bela Platform


  • bela.comms: send and receive data to and from Bela
  • bela.send: send data to Bela
  • bela.receive: receive data from Bela
  • name an item of data to be sent to Bela
  • bela.scope: easy access to the Bela oscilloscope


  • sliders (video). Send and receive data to and from Bela, with the same patch running on Bela and local machine.



  • Download or clone this repository
  • Copy the custom libpd render to Bela (in future use Bela/examples/08-PureData/customRender):
scp path/to/bela.pd/core/default_libpd_render.cpp root@
  • Copy the pd-externals to Bela (create the folder on Bela first if needed - see this GitHub issue for details):
scp /path/to/bela.pd/projects/pd-externals/* root@
  • Add /path/to/bela.pd/pd-externals to PureData's search path on your local machine
  • Create a Pd project on Bela using e.g. the /path/to/bela.pd/projects/sliders example, and run the same patch locally


  • Make comms work with non-static IP
  • Saving and managing state and parameters
  • A data logger on Bela
  • Integration with other libraries like ml.lib
  • Add more examples
  • Rebuild comms using send and receive? Or, have comms sit in the background and a bela.s and bela.r per item of data.
  • Add CV-MIDI converters?
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