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The Legend of Oscilithorpe and Lekitikon

A long, long time ago: a dolphin was living in a cave. This was quite an uninteresting predicament for a dolphin, though it proved to be a source of unyielding fascination for the villagers that lived outside of the cave.

One time the dolphin made a sound. He had reared up and knocked over a tin can in an attempt to adjust himself following the unfortunate circumstance of his tail falling asleep. The townspeople were immediately shocked and all-at-once bewildered, deciding to task their top scientific minds with deciphering the meaning of the Great Bottle-nosed's bemusings.

They spoke at great lengths concerning the possibilities of the intentions of their shiny blue apostle. Little was concluded.

The weight of engendering oh-so-much meaning would undoubtedly cause great strain on the dolphin's shoulders if he had any.

Nonetheless, it was still pretty annoying and as such the dolphin decided to split himself in two. And he could do that, because he was actually a god.