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wack stands for Wack ACK


wack aims to be a bit like ack but implemented in node. it doesn't aim to be wack, but it kind of is at the moment.


npm install -g wack


wack searchPattern

will search the current dir (and recursively all sub dirs) for searchPattern


  • -d or --dir <dir> search different dir.
  • -D or --ignoredir <dir1[,dir2...]> to ignore directories
  • -i or --ignorecase to ignore case
  • -n or --norecurse to prevent subdirectory search
  • -m or --maxcount <num> show max of <num> results per file
  • -k or --knowntypes only search files of known type
  • -t or --type <type1[,type2...]> only show results from file types listed
  • -T or --notype <type1[,type2...]> exclude results from file types listed
  • -C or --nocolor to turn off output coloring
  • -1 or --justone to only return the very first result
  • -v or --invertmatch to return lines that do not match the search pattern
  • -h or --help for help
  • -V or --version for version

as a module

alternatively, you can write directory names to wack and it will stream search results.

that looks kinda like this:

var wack = require('wack')

var wack_stream = wack({pattern: 'Sheena'})

wack_stream.on('data', dump)


function dump (data) {
// {
//   filename: '/current/dir/ramones-albums/rocket-to-russia.txt',
//   context: 'Sheena Is a Punk Rocker',
//   line: 6,
//   match: ['Sheena', index: 0, input: 'Sheena Is a Punk Rocker']
// }

for stream options, use the full flag name (ie ignorecase, invertmatch, etc) and pattern for the search pattern.

file types

file types are exactly the same as ack, except I have added markdown (which checks .md, .mkd, and .markdown) and json (which checks .json).