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Janel Pettit jettit

Urban Airship Portland, Oregon

Steven Osborn lolsborn
Co-founded a mobile messaging company called Urban Airship. Hardware hacker, programmer, maker.

Portland Oregon

Gianni Chiappetta gf3
i am very important & handsome

@Shopify Toronto, Canada

Bobby Calderwood bobby

Capital One Ashburn, VA

Magnus Rundberget rundis

Rebecca Turner iarna
cli @ npm

npm, Inc Oakland, CA

Daniel Berkompas danielberkompas
At @infinitered, specializing in Elixir and backend systems. Creator of and

@infinitered Vancouver, WA

C J Silverio ceejbot
I've been on the internet longer than you have. This earns me one (1) cup of coffee.

npm, Inc Menlo Park, CA

PJ Eby pjeby
In addition to the repos listed here, you can find my shell scripting tools at @bashup, and my business's projects (mostly Wordpress-related) at @dirtsimple
Ben Michel obensource
I build hacker communities, and ❤the Internet of Music. DevRel, Advocate, Evangelist. Node.js Community Committee Member. Leading PDXNode & WebAudioPDX

@InVisionApp PDX, OR

Sindre Sorhus sindresorhus
Maker · Full-Time Open-Sourcerer · Into Swift and Node.js

@avajs @xojs @chalk ° ☾ ☆ ¸. ¸ ★ :.  . • ○ ° ★

Reg Braithwaite raganwald
@PagerDuty, formerly @github, @unspace, devtopia, kl group/sitraka, codestorm, publishing revenue partners. javascript allongé, what i learned from failure, &c.

@PagerDuty Toronto, Canada

Bret Comnes bcomnes
JS dev also dabbling in go and swift. p2p + crypto enthusiast

@netlify @hypermodules Portland, OR

Carin Meier gigasquid
Pursuing snarks with forks with hope

Cincinnati, OH

Erica N Buzzlightyear90
A designer that likes almond butter
Peter Taoussanis ptaoussanis
Clojure/Script and startup consultant, open-source llama

Taoensso Berlin, Chiang Mai

Kyle Kingsbury aphyr

@jepsen-io US Central

Marty Nelson martypdx

martypdx, llc Portland, OR

Matthias Nehlsen matthiasn
I create technical debt for a living

Hamburg & Berlin, Germany

RangerMauve RangerMauve
Into distributed systems, p2p, and databases. Fritter: dat://

Ottawa, ON, Canada

Juan Soto sotojuan

@CapsuleHealth Brooklyn, NY

Saad Quadri saadq

Intern @Rackspace Blacksburg, VA

Hugh Kennedy hughsk
🐨 💻 🎨

London, UK

Azer Koçulu azer
Founder of Kozmos (

Kozmos Berlin

Chris Contolini contolini
is this twitter

@cfpb Portland, OR

Tyler Garrett tgrrtt

Loggly, Inc. San Francisco

Mathias Buus mafintosh
Rød grød med fløde

Copenhagen, Denmark

michelle michelle

@stripe Oakland, CA

Nathan Wittstock fardog
how did this get here; i am not good with computer

@urbanairship Portland, OR

Fedor Indutny indutny
While being kept on ice in a Cryostasis Chamber, Fedor Indutny was held in the HYDRA Siberian Facility alongside other Winter Soldiers...

@paypal USA

Chris Peddecord cpeddecord
JavaScript Spirit Animal

Portland, OR

Joan Boixadós mezod

Barcelona, Catalonia

E. Dunham edunham
QEDunham on Twitter, edunham on Freenode + Mozilla IRC.

@mozilla, @rust-lang, @servo Oregon (UTC -7 or -8)

Dane Grant danecando
I force a smile, knowing that my ambition far exceeded my talent. There are no more white horses or pretty ladies at my door.

@recoverize Fort Lauderdale, FL