A zipper library for Clojure that navigates graph structures
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Graph zip is a zipper library for Clojure that can navigate graph structures, with a similar syntax to xml-zip.

Lein dependency:

[graph-zip "0.5"]


You can use graph zip like this:

Building a graph

;; Dependencies for an in-memory graph
(use 'graph-zip.core :only [graph-zip zip-> zip1-> zipper-node prop=])
(use 'graph-zip.in-memory :only [build-in-memory-graph])

;; Build up the in-memory graph - a list of triples, each with a :subject, :property and :object
(def my-map (build-in-memory-graph 
              [{:subject "prod-host" :property :instance :object "prod-host/instance"}
               {:subject "prod-host" :property :instance :object "prod-host/instance2"}
               {:subject "prod-host" :property :instance :object "prod-host/instance3"}
               {:subject "prod-host/instance" :property :userid :object "my-user"}
               {:subject "prod-host/instance2" :property :userid :object "another-user"}
               {:subject "prod-host/instance" :property "label" :object "1"}
               {:subject "prod-host/instance2" :property "label" :object "2"}
               {:subject "prod-host/instance" :property "cmdb:jvm" :object "prod-host/instance/jvm"}
               {:subject "prod-host/instance/jvm" :property "cmdb:maxMem" :object "1024m"}]))

Building a zipper

A zipper is a pair of the full graph, and the current node in the traversal. We can build a re-usable zipper, rooted at the "prod-host" node

(def prod-host-zipper (graph-zip my-map "prod-host"))

This 'zips' along the :instance relation, and returns a list of zippers.

Mapping zipper-node over the zippers returns just the nodes that are related to "prod-host" by :instance

(zip-> prod-host-zipper
       node) ;; -> ("prod-host/instance2" "prod-host/instance")

In a similar vein to xml-zip, you can prune the graph by using a prop= predicate.

If you are only expecting one result, you can use the zip1-> function instead.

(zip1-> prod-host-zipper
        (prop= "label" "2")
        node) ;; -> "prod-host/instance2"

Relations don't have to be keywords

(zip1-> prod-host-zipper
        [(prop= "label" "1")]
        node) ;; -> "1024m"

Get the properties map of a node using props

(zip1-> prod-host-zipper
        (prop= "label" "1")
        ;; -> {"jvm" ("prod-host/instance/jvm"), 
               "label" ("1"), 
               :userid ("my-user")}

Merging graphs

Graph-Zip can merge graphs from many sources. Here we are just merging two in-memory graphs:

(use 'graph-zip.merge-graph :only [make-merge-graph])

(def additional-map 
  [{:subject "prod-host" :property :instance :object "prod-host/instance3"}
   {:subject "prod-host" :property "cmdb:hostname" :object "prod-server.example.com"}
   {:subject "prod-host/instance3" :property :userid :object "my-user"}
   {:subject "prod-host/instance3" :property "label" :object "3"}]))   
(def merged-graph (make-merge-graph my-map additional-map))
(def merged-zipper (graph-zip merged-graph "prod-host"))

The merge behaves as you'd expect:

(zip1-> merged-zipper
        (prop= "label" "3")
;; -> "prod-host/instance3"

(zip1-> merged-zipper
        (prop= "label" "1")
;; -> "prod-host/instance"

(zip-> merged-zipper
;; -> ("prod-host/instance3" 

Traversing back up the graph

Since v0.3, it is possible to traverse back up the graph as well, with (incoming :property):

Find all the instances where the userid is my-user:

go-to moves the zipper to the given node.

(zip-> merged-zipper
       (go-to "my-user")
       (incoming :userid))) 
;; -> ("prod-host/instance3" 


Copyright (C) 2012 James Henderson, Malcolm Sparks

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.