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Syntax highlight the snippet trigger names in the .snippets files to …

…make them stand out from the replacement text
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1 parent 68f668e commit 7ff53bdf4ddd9320257fbba2ff7e792b8480440f @davejamesmiller davejamesmiller committed Nov 3, 2011
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@@ -5,11 +5,12 @@ syn match placeHolder '\${\d\+\(:.\{-}\)\=}' contains=snipCommand
syn match tabStop '\$\d\+'
syn match snipEscape '\\\\\|\\`'
syn match snipCommand '\%(\\\@<!\%(\\\\\)*\)\@<=`.\{-}\%(\\\@<!\%(\\\\\)*\)\@<=`'
-syn match snippet '^snippet.*' transparent contains=multiSnipText,snipKeyword
+syn match snippet '^snippet.*' contains=multiSnipText,snipKeyword
syn match multiSnipText '\S\+ \zs.*' contained
syn match snipKeyword '^snippet'me=s+8 contained
syn match snipError "^[^#s\t].*$"
+hi link snippet Identifier
hi link snipComment Comment
hi link multiSnipText String
hi link snipKeyword Keyword

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