RconTool For Dedicated Servers
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This is a tool for Server hosts to monitor and moderate their own servers.


  • Connect to and control your server via Rcon
  • View Live Scoreboard that shows score/kills/deaths etc
  • View players name and service-tag
  • View and interact with chat via the chat Tab
  • View players that join and leave the server
  • Timed commands that can be sent every x minutes or at certain hours
  • Right click Context menu to Kick or ban players
  • Supports multiple servers
  • Control tab for easy access to commands you might commonly use
  • Info tab to view the name and some basic settings for the server as well as the current map and game type
  • Connect to discord Webhook to send messages when a Report command is used


  • Download the latest Release from https://github.com/jaron780/RconTool/releases/latest
  • Extract the zip to folder of your choice
  • double click the exe
  • Click add server and fill in your servers info which can be found in dewrito_prefs.cfg file
  • Default ports you need for the tool are server port 11775 and rcon port 11776
  • Click save after adding all your servers
  • To switch between servers use the slider at the bottom of the program

Mobile app

Mobile app can be found on the google play store or by clicking the Download app button in the RconTool to pull up the store page.

How to export config from desktop to mobile:

  • click File -> Generate App Config
  • Copy The entire code that is generated
  • Email this code to yourself
  • Open the email from the android phone and copy paste that into the import section of the app

Created by Jaron