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UPDATED BY Jaronoff97

Hello all! I just updated this repo and thought it may be useful to share it!

:Original Description:

#Unofficial Major League Hacking API

Welcome to the Unoffical MLH API. This is not the offical API used by MLH, but simply one I made at CodeDay Winter 2015. The API is a simple REST made in Flask that utilizes BeautifulSoup. It scrapes information off of and returns it in a neat JSON format.

The index returns all the events for the current seasons, both in Europe and the US. Appending s2015 for the current US season, and eu-2015 for the European, provides all the information for its location respectively.

The app returns basic information about each event including the offical id, data, link, location, and name.
The mapping for an event is event/name_of_event/. In the following example the information is pulled from event/dragon%20hacks/.

"Dragon Hacks": {
    "date": "January 10th - 11th",
    "id": "102",
    "link": "",
    "location": "Philadelphia, PA",
    "name": "Dragon Hacks"

You can also select individual querys of hackathons such as the link or id using the url mapping /search/name_of_hackathon/value/. For example search/dragon%20hacks/date/ would return

January 10th - 11th

or search/dragon%20hacks/link/ would return

Feel free to edit and manipulate the code as you like. I hope this code is as useful as I thought it would be.