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Movies with Siri

Note: Movies with Siri is no longer maintained. Siri now includes movie information, you're welcome for the idea Apple!


This is a simple plugin for SiriProxy ( that lets you check the Rotten Tomatoes score for your favorite movies.

How to Use

Once you have SiriPorxy up and running. Place movies.rb in /plugins/movies/, in start.rb add the following:

require 'plugins/movies/movies'
PLUGINS = [Movies]

Next, run Siri and ask "what is the rating of avatar"


Right now Movies with Siri only works with "what is the rating of movie." Future phrases may be supported, like "how well did movie do" or "should I watch movie"


I do not work nor am I affiliated with Apple. I don't condone any illegal activities when it comes to Siri or any Apple trademarks. Use SiriProxy and this plugin at your own discretion and I won't take responsibility for any broken iPhones, Computers or banned UDIDs.