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Important notice for users of 0.1.11 or lower

RbbCode has been updated! The new release (1.x.x) is not compatible with the old one (0.1.11). If you want to upgrade to 1.x.x, you'll need to adjust any calls to RbbCode in your code to match the new API, as described below.

About RbbCode

RbbCode converts BBCode to HTML. Basic usage:'This is [b]BBCode[/b]')

RbbCode recovers gracefully from invalid markup. Any bad BBCode tags will remain in the output as-is, i.e. they will not be converted to HTML tags and will be visible to end users. All HTML output is passed through the Sanitize gem. This protects you against malicious HTML.

For the curious, the parser is built with Treetop. But you don't need to know anything about Treetop to use RbbCode.


gem install rbbcode


The constructor can accept an options hash.

To add emoticon support: => {':)' => ''})

You can supply a Sanitize config hash, which will be passed through verbatim to the Sanitize gem. The default Sanitize config is in rbbcode/sanitize.rb. Usage: => my_sanitize_config_hash)

You can also turn Sanitize off altogether, though this is not recommended: => false)

Supported BBCode features

RbbCode supports the following BBCode features:

  • [b]
  • [i]
  • [u]
  • [s]
  • [url]
  • [img]
  • [quote]
  • [list]
  • Emoticons

Some BBCode parsers in the wild have more features. This varies from forum to forum. If there's a certain tag or other feature you'd like to see supported, please open an issue on:

If the feature you're requesting is reasonably common in the wild, there's a good chance I'll add it to RbbCode.