Remake of Dune 2 in Java
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Dune 2 Remake

This is a remake of Dune 2 I started after my first term at university.

It is pretty rough, but you can do most basic stuff, such as:

  • Harvest resources
  • Build structures and units
  • Select units and issue orders (such as move and attack)
  • AI will harvest resources, build units, and attack the player
  • Saving/loading a game

Unfortunately, the assets for the game were ripped from proprietary products, mostly from Dune 2 itself, but also Dark Colony and Star Craft (and maybe some others I can't remember). I'm not sure of the legal issues that would be involved with using these assets, so I just decided to omit them.

I used Eclipse to create the project. If you want to build it, you should be able to just open the project in Eclipse and build. However, running will likely fail due to missing assets.

You can see a video of the gameplay here.