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This is freely available as a sample application for the following

A running version of this sample application can be found at


        - Specifically showing how to build an application with all content in
          one project and all code in another. NO CODE (other than 
          global.asax.cs) goes in the web project.

        - Demonstrates RESTful, Rails-like routes. Makes use of all HTTP
          methods, GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE. If you have reason to not 
          support older browser models, then you will need to change the 
        - Demonstrates RESTful, Rails-like nested routes. This can be a little
          bit tricky to do with ASP.NET MVC, since you have to write all of the
          routing yourself. 
        - Demonstrates use of Anti-Forgery Tokens, including their use in 
          javascript-enable delete links.
   + jQuery
       - Updated to jQuery 1.4.
       - References Google AJAX API's for fast loading jQuery.

   + NHibernate (incl. Fluent NHibernate and Linq-to-NHibernate)
       - Uses simple, method-level generics for IRepository instance. This does
         not include a per-model repository.
   + Ninject
        - Uses the InRequestScope option of Ninject to manage the NHibernate
Credit is appreciated but not necessary.