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CSS Overlay

CSS overlay provides a friendly way to provide "overlay" functionality to your web site. I frequently use this technique while data is POSTing to the server and I want to prevent the user from doing anything on the page until a response is received.

Details about the NuGet packages can be found on


You'll need the following HTML in your page.

<div class="overlay">
    <div class="overlay-container">
        <span class="overlay-spinner"></span>
        <span class="overlay-message"></span>

This file will be copied to your ~/Views/Shared folder automatically as a partial view. You will need to include the partial view in your layout in the following manner.



Simply initialize your overlay. Any time after the overlay file has been added, add the following call to your page.


To show the overlay...{ message: "Hello, World!" });

To hide the overlay...


Initialization Options

The initialize() method takes an optional object parameter. The following values can be set.

Key Default Value Description
debug true Set to true to have messages written to the console.
message Waiting... Set the default message.
messageSelector .overlay-message The CSS selector for the overlay message.
onShow null Callback executed after show()
overlaySelector .overlay CSS selector for the overlay.