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Just me, learning NodeJS

Sample App #1

To run Sample App #1...

$ cd ./sample_app_1
$ node ./server.js

To stop the sample app, use CTRL-c.

Unit Tests

The unit tests for Sample App #1 are written in Mocha. To run the unit tests for Sample App #1...

$ npm install -g mocha
$ cd ./sample_app_1
$ ./run_tests.sh

RabbitMQ Pub/Sub

The AMQP examples run in 2 different windows. In the first terminal window...

$ node ./04_receive.js

In the second terminal window...

$ node ./04_send.js This is my message.

RabbitMQ Request/Reply

In terminal one...

$ node ./05_server.js

In terminal two...

$ node ./05_client.js 7 12
  [x] Created context
  [x] Context is ready
  [x] Created request socket
  [x] Connected to queue: nodejs.demo.addition
  [x] Sent request: x: 7, y: 12
  [x] Received response: {"id":"e998ee40-c4da-4004-aac5-c160ccd34a14","x":7,"y":12,"sum":19}
      id: e998ee40-c4da-4004-aac5-c160ccd34a14
      x: 7, y: 12
      sum: 19
  [x] Context was closed