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IRC Client for Android with TTS
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IRC Radio

Fairly complete IRC client for Android with a focus on TTS.


Updated some dependencies and got it building with current versions of Android Studio and related tools.

Planned Stability Enhancements

  • Switch to EventBus for background ui updates.
  • Move the chatlogs from using listview to viewholder


Supported Languages

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • German

Any Installed TTS Engine will work in a limited capacity.

Support Additional languages

Language resource file similar to template.jsn required for full support.


Language tables are in json format. ( check examples.jsn for formatting

code = language code any xx, xx_XX, xx_XX_XXX format is valid and will be paired with matching TTS Resource.

ircMap = Translations used in TTS and chat logs. When unavailable Logs use English and TTS will subsitute nothing allowing TTS for unsupported languages.

startswithMap = Matches beginning of words for example "www" will replace "" with "web link".

replaceMap = Used to improve experience by substituting acronyms that don't work well in TTS.

blockMessageByStartsWith = Will drop message from TTS if it starts with provided text.

blockMessageByUser = Block all messages from a user or bot.

blockMessageByRegex = regex is passed to String.match If it evaluates to true message is not sent to TTS

replaceAllByRegex = requires regex and the text to sub in. uses the String.replaceAll function

Using Custom Language File

All language files are copied to public storage on app start if the file does not already exist. If a language file has been loaded into memory the app will need to be restarted for edits to take affect. The files are stored in the apps public files folder. Android/data/

Delete a file to have it replaced. Normally Restarting app will refresh customizations. Sometimes a reboot of the device is neccessary for file changes to be available.

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