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Ejemplo con la librería de Pandas / Examples with Pandas' Library


Para más información visitar las siguientes URLs:

  1. Parte I: Introducción a Pandas. (
  2. Parte II: DataFrame: Lectura y Escritura, Mergeo de DataFrame's y GroupBy. (
  3. Parte III: Operaciones de "Pivot_table" con DataFrame's.(

Sort description in English:

In this project is going to make an example with pandas' library in Python.

Will see the differences between Series and DataFrame:

  • Series: Is a unidimensional array with indexation. Similar to dictionary.
  • DataFrame: Data structure similar to excel or SQL table.

For this example i used the "MovieLens" data set that contains information of users, films and ratings. We'll see how transform the Movielens data set to a DataFrame, and work with this structure similarly to work as a database.

alt movielensER


Is necessary to install next libraries (with pip):

$ pip install pandas
$ pip install numpy