Projects with the POSIX Sockets API
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This is a collection of projects that help in the understanding of the tools that we use everyday and we take for granted. Some of these tools will be analyzed on my blog to help newcomers into the field and give back to the community.

Programs in these repository are works in progress that might require some bug scrubbing. Though their main functionality works. The programs that reach a more mature level will be moved to their own repository.

Tools implemented so far:

  1. pscan: a tcp 3-way handshake implemented port scanner.
  2. psniff: a sniffer using raw sockets.
  3. tcp_server: a common tcp server. You can use telnet as client to connect to it.
  4. xwbserver: a multi-threaded web server.
  5. get_http: a program that captures web pages supporting both IPv4/v6 and DNS resolution.