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Welcome to the cse2015 wiki!


Automated grading tools

It needs some cleanup and some of the internals are changing now but if you are interested or have issues, please file them on the issue tracker, thanks! If there is interest, we are happy to add useful features and are interested in feedback.

Course materials/examples

Discussion notes (to be improved)

  • report missing reproducibility, version control, verification

  • how do scale up programming assignments

  • Prabhu: interactive programming helps get students interested, PyCon Asia 2010 Python Coder's Tournament, simple and complex programs with unit tests

  • programming assignments are hard to grade style, does it run properly,

  • crowd sourcing grading/feedback

  • public aspect of assignments: student are often shy about exposing unpolished work, but so are professionals

  • GitHub lock-in

  • minitutorial Greg Wilson on Tuesday afternoon session

  • lab skills for scientific computing

  • assessment -- checking correctness is fairly easy, difficult to assess efficiency / scalability (the wrong datastructure won't work on big data structures)

  • Eric Mazur assessment: the silent killer of learning http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CBzn9RAJG6Q

  • assessment as feedback to student versus feedback to instructor

  • teach programming in context vs teaching programming in itself (from CS department vs home department)

  • basic read , writing skills -> poetry comes later

  • maybe something similiar is true for computing

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