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React Quick Start Guide: ES6 Edition - Starter Kit

This is the boilerplate code for following along with The React Quick Start Guide: ES6 Edition. It contains a Webpack configuration file for processing ES6 into a single JavaScript file usable in the browser. It also contains a small amount of CSS.


You will need npm in order to install dependencies and run the bundling scripts.

Setup Guide

git clone react-quick-guide-es6

cd react-quick-guide-es6

npm i

npm start

Visit localhost:8000 to view the project.


  • What is Webpack?

Webpack is a build tool for bundlings JavaScript modules together in order to run them on the browser.

  • What is Babel?

Babel is a JavaScript transpiler, it allows you to write ES6 code. In this project there is a Babel "Loader" which is a Webpack plugin. This lets Babel transpiles the ES6 code into browser run-able ES5 code before the modules are bundled.

  • How does all of this work?

The index.html file loads then React which renders a Javascript application into the #app div.