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JLPocket provides a very simple wrapper around the Pocket API (formerly Read It Later) for iOS applications.

Why it's potentially better than the ReadItLaterFull/Lite they give you:

  • Uses SSKeychain to store account information, not NSUserDefaults
  • Uses blocks. No more gross delegates.
  • Uses ARC

Why it may not be better:

  • I really haven't tested it much. It authenticates and saves links at least. I haven't tested registering.

Distributed under the Do-Whatever-You-Want License. But maybe give me a shoutout if you'd like or follow me on twitter.

Dropping into project

  1. Copy all files from the JLPocket group/folder into your own project.
  2. Make sure the JLPocket.m, SSKeychain.m, and NSString+URLEncode.m files are added to your build settings.
  3. Add Security.framework to your build.