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""" A basic custom logging implementation. The idea is to (extremely) verbosely
log every received resource.
casper = require('casper').create
# Every time a resource is received, a new log entry is added to the stack
# at the 'verbose' level.
onResourceReceived: (self, resource) ->
infos = []
props = ["url", "status", "statusText", "redirectURL", "bodySize"]
infos.push resource[prop] for prop in props
infos.push "[#{}: #{h.value}]" for h in resource.headers
@log infos.join(', '), 'verbose'
verbose: true # we want to see the log printed out to the console
logLevel: 'verbose' # of course we want to see logs to our new level :)
# add a new 'verbose' logging level at the lowest priority
casper.logLevels = ['verbose'].concat casper.logLevels
# test our new logger with google
casper.start ''
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