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-Starting a new Django project? django-bone will save you a few days worth of
-work by generating all the annoying boilerplate code for you. One simple
-command is all that's needed to set up everything you'd expect from a
-bona-fide python project: a setup file and Makefile, documentation, unit
-tests, pyflakes/pep8 tests, version control, virtualenv, db migrations,
-Twitter Bootstrap, js/css minimization, deployment scripts, init.d file, etc.
+django-bone = django + bootstrap + less + coffeescript + sphinx + south +
+reversion + jquery + js/css minimization + debug-toolbar + gravatar +
+pyflakes + pep8 + git + virtualenv + pip + tests
-django-bone configures your code to follow what I believe to be the 'one true
-path' to django enlightenment, using design practices we've been refining for
-years. Your project will also be configured with some of the greatest tools
-available which we feel are stable, not too unfamiliar, and have stood the
-test of time.
+Starting a serious Django project? Not a newbie? Good. django-bone will save
+you a few days worth of work by generating all the annoying boilerplate code
+for you. One simple command is all you need to create a skeleton website with
+all the infrastructure you'll need as your project grows.
-Please note that the ```` hack is removed because it's always made me
-sad that so few Django developers take the time to write ```` files
-like the rest of the python community :( Instead of ```` you'll run a
-command named after your project.
+Here's a screenshot of what you get:
+![Django-Bone Screenshot](
-Install the script and make some minor system changes::
+Here's how you use django-bone, assuming python/pip/virtualenv are installed::
sudo ./
- sudo easy_install -U pip
- sudo pip install -U virtualenv
- sudo chmod go+rwt /opt # let people create new files in /opt
- export PIP_DOWNLOAD_CACHE=~/.pip/cache
-Create a new project::
cd /opt
django-bone myapp
- cd myapp/myapp
- source ../bin/activate
- make dev && myapp-dev runserver
The following tools and libraries will also be configured:
-- Twitter Bootstrap: A very popular way to design clean looking websites.
+- Twitter Bootstrap: The hippest way to make clean looking websites.
- lessc: Less is a very popular compiler that makes CSS easier to use by
extending its syntax. Less is used by Twitter Bootstrap.
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ln -sf $(pwd)/django-bone /usr/local/bin
+sudo chmod go+rwt /opt # let people create new files in /opt

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