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Clarify Pip requirements.txt usage comment

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1 parent 9cac814 commit 911893cd32a91700348fb120c1075572557fefd6 @bitprophet bitprophet committed Jul 18, 2009
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# These requirements are for DEVELOPMENT ONLY!
-# You do not need e.g. Mercurial just to run the 'fab' tool.
+# You do not need e.g. Sphinx or Fudge just to run the 'fab' tool.
# Instead, these are necessary for executing the test suite.
+# PLEASE NOTE: due to how Pip currently works, you will need to manually
+# execute "pip install Mercurial" before using this file. Otherwise it will
+# bail out upon trying to install Fudge from BitBucket.
paramiko >= 1.7

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