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README / Sofia-SIP - RFC3261 compliant SIP User-Agent library


Sofia-SIP is an open-source SIP User-Agent library, compliant
with the IETF RFC3261 specification. It can be used as
a building block for SIP client software for uses such as VoIP,
IM, and many other real-time and person-to-person communication
services. The primary target platform for Sofia-SIP is
GNU/Linux. Sofia-SIP is based on a SIP stack developed at
the Nokia Research Center. Sofia-SIP is licensed under the LGPL.

Quick start

Sofia-SIP uses the GNU autotools, so building procedure
is the usual:

sh> sh (if building from darcs)
sh> ./configure
sh> make
sh> make install

See also 'docs/devel_platform_notes.txt' for notes on compiling
Sofia-SIP in different environments.

See the "options-client-example" (available using darcs at or with CVS as
a module in Sofia-SIP CVS tree) for an example of a small app that
is utilizing Sofia-SIP, and specifically the libsofia-sip-ua
library component.

There are also multiple example clients under
the "sofia-sip/utils" directory:

- sip-options, query using SIP OPTIONS method
- sip-date, SIP date printer/parser

The Sofia-SIP su submodule also provides some small utilities:

- addrinfo (libsofia-sip-ua/su), resolve host names
- localinfo (libsofia-sip-ua/su), prints information about
  local network interfaces


Project website:

Mailing list:

Version control repositories:
- see the project website (link above)


Sofia-SIP is licensed under terms of the GNU LGPL.
See the file "COPYING" for more information.
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