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Copyright: © 2012 Justine Alexandra Roberts Tunney
license:GNU AGPL v3 or later


Make sure you're on a debian/ubuntu system and then install these deps:

sudo ./ 2.4.10
sudo ./ 0.6.15
sudo apt-get install -y python python-dev
sudo npm install -g less coffee-script coffeelint uglify-js

Install from git into a virtualenv:

sudo chmod go+rwt /opt  # let people create new files in /opt
cd /opt
virtualenv sparkles
cd sparkles
source bin/activate
git clone git://
cd sparkles

How to run a debug server:

make && sparkles-dev runserver

How to run a non-debug server:

make pro && sparkles runserver


Big thanks go to Michael White for helping with the vision and planning of this tool.

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