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Group option to only allow notifications to go out on certain days Michael’s Planning

Absolute voting bans you from group if decision goes against you

Justine’s Hours

System Design

Signup & Messaging

Initial Groundwork

Possible Tools / Libraries

Reading Material

Why Liquid Democracy is not the answer (or: The talk-show effect)

Trotsky on the fetishization of organizational form

Book: The problem with networks theory

Consensus Book

Robert’s Rules of Order

Consensus Description

Blocking Progress: Consensus Decision Making in the Anti-Nuclear Movement

Similar Projects

Justify from MIT

The guys who made this, I don’t know what parallel universe they exist in that made them think this design would be something that’d help people communicate better. It’s almost so bad that like, I feel bad disparaging this software because it’s as though i’m ridiculing a child for not coloring inside the lines.

Better Means (Source Code) (

More project management focused than decision making

Designed for medium sized organizations to replace organizational structure and redefine interpersonal relationships in the workplace

Grades people with points for work performance :\

Voting is anonymous, therefore not consensus driven :\

No unified communication

Wants you to vote on every little thing


Fantasy Government

Liquid Democracy

Delegation system is essentially representative democracy–LoU (time 1:07:00)


VARIANTS = ( (‘consensus90’, ‘Modified Consensus’), (‘consensus’, ‘Strict Consensus’), (‘vote’, ‘Open Vote’), (‘ballot’, ‘Anonymous Vote’), ) variant = models.CharField(max_length=255, choices=VARIANTS, default=’consensus90’) is_public = models.BooleanField(help_text=”“” This means that you don’t need to be logged in and a member of the work group to view the proposal. If your group is also public, then the proposal will be listed for all to see on your group page.”“”)

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