Version controlled object database on Redis
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description:Version controlled object database on Redis
Copyright: © 2012 Justine Alexandra Roberts Tunney

What Is This?

It's a key value store that keeps copies of past revisions.

Why you should use this

  • You've already deployed Redis
  • You don't ever want to lose data
  • You like pythonic APIs
  • You want the KVS to automatically pickle (or jsonify) your data
  • You want something simple (140 source lines of code)
  • You want something that works (70 lines of test code)

Why you shouldn't use this

  • It's space inefficient. It doesn't compress revision deltas like git does.
  • It doesn't support transactions or fancy save methods like zope


From folder:

sudo python install

From cheeseshop:

sudo pip install verobject

From git:

sudo pip install git+git://

Basic Usage

import datetime, verobject, redis
redis = redis.Redis()
table1 = verobject.Store('table1', redis=redis)

table1['hk'] = {'hello': ['kitty', 'kitty', 'kitty']}
table1['ts'] =, 10, 31)
print table1['ts'], table1['hk']
del table1['ts']

table1['vc'] = 'version1'
table1['vc'] = 'version2'
table1['vc'] = 'version3'
assert list(table1.versions('vc')) == ['version3', 'version2', 'version1']
assert table1.versions('vc')[0] == 'version3'
assert table1.versions('vc')[-1] == 'version1'