Everything to MIDI, a hack made during the Music Hack Paris
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Everything to MIDI

This project is a hack made during the Music Hack Paris on April 20-22, 2012 by Adrien Jarthon, Jocelyn De La Rosa and Maxime Mouial

It's a C++ software able to detect sound (like finger snap, hand clap or tap) and localize them in space using 2 microphones. Then, depending on the position, the software can trigger different MIDI output.

It is build in C++ and supports very simple MIDI output and TCP Socket output. We also provide a Python TCP client to play audio sample, and one to display GUI debug.


You need:

  • 2 Microphones (they have to be identical and distant, we used our HP Envy 14's build in stereo mic)
  • Linux, G++ and Make
  • libstk (Ubuntu: $ sudo apt-get install stk libstk0-dev)

HP Envy 14 stereo Mic

How to run

$ make
$ ./e2midi

The software will start listening on the default audio input and open a TCP port (default behaviour). You can change output type by editing main.cpp.

Terminal running e2midi

Python client