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Python Project Skeleton Inspired by Zed A. Shawn


Install the following pakages for python according to your operating system's specific steps, in my experience it takes about 60 minuts in Windows and 5 minutes in Linux. You have to install this packages just once.

  1. pip from
  2. distribute from
  3. nose from
  4. virtualenv from

Skeleton Start Checklist

[ ] Define a short name for your project (I'll call it nickname), it will be used bellow.

[ ] Rename the 'skeleton' directory to your project's nickname.

[ ] Rename the NAME directory to your project's nickname.

[ ] Uptade with your project's details, specially the packages item.

[ ] Rename 'tests/' replacing NAME with your projects's nickname.

[ ] On line 2 of 'tests/' replace NAME with your project's nickname.

[ ] Update this README file with your project's description.

[ ] Push your project to your version control server.

[ ] Run 'nosetests' from your project's root directory and happy coding :-)