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@jaruba jaruba released this Apr 27, 2018 · 9 commits to react-polymer since this release


  • Critical Fix for Torrent Lists that Caused the Player to Skip Items in Playlists
  • Fix Trakt Manual Search
  • Fix Torrents From Some Private Trackers
  • Fix Going to Torrent Dashboard for Non-Streamable Torrents
  • Fix youtube-dl Based Playlists
  • Fix Getting Subtitles Automatically
  • Fix Fanart Images
  • Fix YouTube Channel Plugin Logos
  • Fix Loading History of Torrents
  • Fix "Cancel" Button Functionality for Loading Torrents
  • Fix Trakt Info For Items That Don't Have Images
  • Possible Fix for Player not Starting and Showing a White Box Instead
  • Added Playing With External Player
  • Added Setting External Player Args
  • Added Setting to Start in Fullscreen
  • Added Setting for "Find Subtitles Limit"
  • Added Setting to "Not Track History"
  • Added Casting Torrent Through LAN
  • Added Torrent Peer ID to Settings
  • Added "Browse For Subtitle" Option in Subtitle Menu
  • Added "Browse for Subtitle" Option in Context Menu
  • Added Playlist Button to Add Files / URLs to Playlist
  • Added Playlist Options in Context Menu
  • Added Main Menu Messages
  • Added Safety Check for Parsing Filenames
  • Added New Command-line Arguments
  • Changed Use Only Up / Down to Set Volume (instead of Ctrl + Up / Down)
  • Removed Entry Effects From Modals
  • Various Torrent Related Fixes
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@jaruba jaruba released this Jul 20, 2017 · 53 commits to react-polymer since this release


  • Complete Rewrite and Redesign of Powder Player v0.98

  • Trakt Support

  • Casting Support for: Chromecast, Airplay, DLNA (1000s of TVs, Game Stations, some Phones, etc.), Browsers (Phones, Tablets, other PCs), other Players, Friends, etc.

  • Advanced Casting Features: Subtitles, Subtitle Color, Subtitle Position, Subtitle Size, Force Quality

  • Possibility to Change DLNA Finder

  • Fixed Magnet Link Association for Cases in Which it Didn't Work Before

  • New Torrent Settings: Forced Download, Speed Limit, Default Trackers, Download All Files

  • Plugins

  • Plugin Shortcuts that allow searching on sites, youtube channels, etc. and playing their feeds by just typing their shortcut followed by an action or search query in the "Use a URL" field (ex: ".yt funny video" searches for "funny video" on youtube, etc)

  • Support for Playing Video From Tens of New Websites (youtube-dl is now included)

  • Trakt Info Button in Player (showing episode / movie image, episode / movie title, description and imdb rating)

  • Episode / Movie Images in Playlist

  • Missing in This Release: Removed Auto-updater, Translations, Keeping Aspect Ratio / Crop / Zoom Settings Between Playlist Items

  • A Lot of Other Changes

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@jaruba jaruba released this Mar 6, 2016 · 9 commits to master since this release


  • Moved Torrent Engine, Subtitle Finder and Subtitle Processing to Different Processes (huge performance boost)
  • Translations for: French, Polish, Russian, Romanian and Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Reverted to using libVLC 2.2.1 on Windows (last version of Powder used v3.0 which created more issues then it solved)
  • Setting for Auto-Delete Media Files: if the player should delete the downloaded media files or not by default
  • Setting for Internal Video Subtitles (Never / If only one / Always): if the player should auto-load the internal video subtitles (such as the ones in mkv files) and in what conditions
  • New Hotkey: Change Audio Track (key: B)
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@jaruba jaruba released this Feb 18, 2016 · 36 commits to master since this release


  • Greatly Improved Download Speed and Seeding
  • Show Upload Info in Torrent Dashboard
  • Removed Modal Animations
  • New Subtitle Settings: Subtitle Size, Subtitle Color, Load Subtitle from Torrent
  • New Torrent Settings: Seeding Policy
  • New Process Settings: Process Type (Single / Multiple, Linux and Windows only), Zoom Level
  • New Button in the Subtitle Menu: More Subtitles (shows all the subtitles from OpenSubtitles, in case the auto-selector did not find the correct one)
  • New Button in the History List to Clear History
  • Support Dragging and Dropping zip and tar.gz Archives that have Subtitle Files in Them
  • Persistent Subtitle and Audio Track Selections (remembers subtitle and audio track choices in playlists)
  • New External Player Settings: Scan for Player, Browse for Player, Set Custom Command Line Args
  • Fixed Linux and OSX Updaters
  • A Lot of Other Small Fixes
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@jaruba jaruba released this Jan 6, 2016 · 43 commits to react-powder since this release



  • Fixed Add Torrent button not working
  • Fixed using VLC as External Player on Windows
  • Fixed Buffer Size setting not being saved
  • Fixed Fetching Subtitles for Movies
  • Fixed some Visual Issues
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@jaruba jaruba released this Jan 3, 2016 · 49 commits to react-powder since this release


  • Fixed Loading of Subtitles
  • Added More Options in the Context Menu
  • Option to change the buffer size
  • Option to specify a listening port for torrents
  • Drag and Drop Links (including Magnet Links)
  • Drag and Drop Folders
  • Improved Cache Bar for Torrents
  • Show Only Best Scoring Subtitle for Each Language
  • Support for Audio Files and Torrents with Audio Files
  • Resume Torrent Download if Previously Interrupted
  • Some DLNA Casting Fixes
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@jaruba jaruba released this Aug 16, 2015 · 132 commits to master since this release


  • Added Mac and Linux Versions (yey!)
  • Added Custom Window Frame
  • Fade Out Window Frame when set to Always on Top (Win and Mac only)
  • Sticky Window (when the frame fades out close to an upper corner of the screen, the window sticks to the corner of the screen after the frame fades out, Win and Mac only)
  • Drag and Drop over Player when Playing (videos will be added to the end of the playlist, subtitles will be loaded)
  • Possibility to Use Local Subtitles (either drag and drop or use the button in the subtitle menu)
  • Option to Set Default Subtitle Encoding
  • Added Additional Torrent Options to Context Menu
  • Added "Force Download" Feature - attempts to speed up download (can be used from the player context menu or from Torrent Data options)
  • Added "Speed Pulsing" Feature - drastically decreases download speed to only the minimum required to stream in order to save internet bandwidth (can be enabled/disabled from the player context menu or from Torrent Data options)
  • Improved Torrent Client Logic and Design
  • Ask if App Should Delete Files on Window Close (when torrent has no videos)
  • Greatly Improved DLNA Casting (it's still not perfect though)
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@jaruba jaruba released this Jul 6, 2015 · 220 commits to master since this release


  • Ability to use VLC instead of Internal Player (can be set from Settings Panel)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Freeze from Download Buffer
  • Fixed Aspect Ratio, Crop, Zoom Logic
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@jaruba jaruba released this Jun 11, 2015 · 225 commits to master since this release

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Avi File Issues
  • Fixed a Bug Related to Some Torrent Files (some videos weren't starting)
  • Fixed a Bug with the Subtitle Menu (sometimes the new subtitles wore overlapping the old ones)
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@jaruba jaruba released this Jun 5, 2015 · 233 commits to master since this release


  • Improved Initial Peer Discovery

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bugs Related to Non-Video Torrents
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