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@jaruba jaruba released this May 31, 2020


  • Fixed Critical Bug That Broke Support for Newer Chrome Releases
  • Fixed OSX Build
  • Fixed Showing Download Percentage in Newer Chrome Releases
  • Fixed Deleting Torrent Data for Paused Torrents
  • Fixed Race Condition When Loading User Settings
  • Fixed Finding Open Port for Torrent Peer Port
  • Fixed UI Issue where Web Player Would not be Full Width After Minimizing
  • Greatly Improved Finding Subtitles for Newer Content
  • New Setting: Select Subtitle Languages
  • New Setting: Subtitle Limit per Language
  • New Setting: Auto-Download Subtitles
  • Set Default Peer Port to 6884
  • Secured Master Only Settings
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@jaruba jaruba released this Jan 24, 2020


  • Fast Resume for Torrents
  • Fix Moving Window
  • "Restart" Option in Tray Menu
  • Added Command Line Arguments
  • User Defined Commands When Torrent Finished
  • Fixed Seeking in Web Player in Android Chrome
  • Fixed Increment Uploaded on Torrent Resume
  • Don't Handle "Torrent Already Added" as Error
  • Added QR Code Modal and Copy Link Options for Easier Connectivity
  • Allow Changing Embed Player Loading Modal Text
  • Added Safety Check on Closing Loading Modal
  • Support for AceStream
  • Support Audio Files in Torrents
  • Handle Torrent Deletion Better
  • Support for SopCast
  • Fixed Supporting Links from Jackett
  • Support Local Files
  • Support for youtube-dl
  • Added Deb Installer
  • Increased Minimum Active Torrent Time to 4 hours (from 1 hour)
  • Use Default Desktop File on Linux If Available
  • Fixed Linux Desktop File Path
  • Fixed Getting Server Link at App Start
  • Don't Show Download Percentage for Live Streams and Youtube-dl
  • Added "Donate" Button in Footer
  • Added Update Notification
  • Use HTTPS When Checking for Updates
  • Only Load Page in App Window When It's Visible
  • Use Torrent Engine in Own Process
  • Separated Config from Other Data (helps against data loss on unexpected shutdowns)
  • Use Subtitle Finder in Own Process
  • Hide Window and Destroy Tray on Quit
  • Close AceStream Message Dialog When Playlist is Generated
  • Prevent data loss by doing hourly backups
  • Restart torrent on http request
  • Fix History Object before Responding to API Requests
  • Clearer Error Messages for History
  • Added General Timeout to AceStream
  • Fixed Remove Torrent Logic
  • Fixed User Login
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@jaruba jaruba released this Jul 22, 2018

First Version


  • Streaming to your Preferred Video Player (by generating M3U playlists)
  • Streaming to your Browser (works on all Devices and all Browsers)
  • Find Subtitles for every Video File in Torrents (either automatically in the Web Player, or by using the "Find Subtitles" button in the torrent file settings to find / download subtitles)
  • Supports Embedding in Websites (user needs to approve website)
  • Supports Allowing User Registration (default is 0 users)
  • Advanced Web Player (playlist, searches for subtitles automatically, add local subtitle file, quality selection, playback speed, aspect ratio, crop, zoom, subtitle delay, audio delay, hotkeys)
  • Searching for Torrents with Jackett
  • Supports SSL (users can activate Self Signed Certificates)
  • Supports Secondary Torrent Client (you can set a secondary torrent client that will be used if the torrent does not include any video files)
  • Advanced Torrent and Web Server Settings
  • Managing Multiple Torrents
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