Player using Multiscreen Feature for NW.js / Electron using WebChimera.js (libVLC wrapper)
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WebChimera.js Player Multiscreen Demo

This is a special feature created due to popular demand, it is usually used for surveillance cam software.


Demo for wcjs-player's Multiscreen Feature showing WebChimera.js Player playing 4 videos at the same time.

wcjs-player uses WebChimera.js to draw the frames of libVLC to a canvas.

Demo Install

git clone
cd node-vlc-multiscreen


set WCJS_RUNTIME=electron
set WCJS_VERSION=0.2.5
set WCJS_ARCH=ia32


export WCJS_RUNTIME="electron"
export WCJS_RUNTIME_VERSION="v0.37.6"
export WCJS_VERSION="0.2.5"
export WCJS_ARCH="ia32"
npm install

Now download Electron v0.37.6 for 32bit and run app.js

!! You can change the configuration values for wcjs-prebuilt according to your case, but keep in mind that the options are limited to the prebuilt packages


WebChimera.js Player Multiscreen Demo running on NW.js (Windows)