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Yet another free 8051 FPGA core
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Yet another free 8051 FPGA core.


This project is in a very early state:

  • No documentation other than this readme file and a draft of the datasheet.
  • Hardly debugged.

The design and most of the implementation is done. The core has already passed a basic test bench and executed a Dhrystone benchmark on actual hardware (DE-1 board from Terasic) -- benchmark results included in the datasheet. Yet, there are still many loose ends and a strong test bench has yet to be developed.

If you are curious, you can take a look at the datasheet.

The next step is adding some much-needed 'quick start' document showing how to set up the project for development or use, and then a design document explaining the internals of the core.

In the meantime I am incrementally improving the test bench code, catching and fixing bugs until the test bench is strong enough to consider the core 'tested'.

Anyway, until some real documentation is added explaining how to set up and use this project, you are advised to just ignore it.

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