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The goal of dslib is to demonstrate how complex data structures (and related algorithms) can be developed by reusing simpler ones. In general, textbooks come with numerous unrelated examples each relevant to a specific DS. dslib, on the other hand, grows by consuming the earlier data structures.

The core component is a circular doubly linked list. Library-internal data structures are dynamically (de)allocated.

Most of the code conforms to the Linux kernel coding standards (verified against checkpatch.pl), other than a few unavoidable instances.

dslib is GPLv3 licensed. Copyright © 2015 Arun Prakash Jana.

dslib is an academic library. However, we'll be glad if someone finds any other application of it.

Love smart and efficient utilities? Explore my repositories. Buy me a cup of coffee if they help you.

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Table of Contents

Building blocks

struct description
dlist Circular doubly linked list with a void pointer pointing to the data in each node. As you can guess, the library doesn't take care (de)allocating the actual memory used for the data. A node simply points to the data plus next and previous node pointers.
queue Builds on top of dlist. Each element is a dlist node pointing to the value inserted in the queue.
stack Builds on top of dlist. Each element is a dlist node pointing to the value pushed in the stack.
tree A binary search tree, stores integers.
AVL An AVL tree implementation, stores integers.
BFS Iterative Breadth-first search for tree and AVL implemented using the queue.
DFS Iterative Depth-first search for tree implemented using the stack.

There are test cases for each DS. Though not very organized, they provide an insight into the usage of dslib.


A complete list of APIs can be found in apilist.txt. Most of the APIs are iterative. The following 2 APIs are recursive and the iterative implementations are left as an exercise:

bool delete_tree_node(tree_pp head, int val);
bool delete_avl_node(avl_pp head, int val);


The following compilation steps are tested on Ubuntu 14.04.4 x86_64:

$ git clone https://github.com/jarun/dslib/
$ cd dslib
$ make

To install dslib, run:

$ sudo make install

To remove dslib from your system, run:

$ sudo make uninstall

Clean up (cleans test executables too):

$ make clean


Make sure dslib is installed. To compile test cases under test subdirectory:

$ sudo make install
$ make test

Only informative logs are enabled. For DEBUG logs, set:

int current_log_level = DEBUG;

in the source test file.



Contributions are welcome! We would love to see more data structures and APIs added to dslib.