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Plugin (a-z) Lang Deps Description
boom sh SMPlayer Play random music from dir (modify PLAYER)
fzy-edit sh fzy Fuzzy find a file in directory subtree and edit in vim
fzy-open sh fzy Fuzzy find a file in directory subtree and open using xdg-open
getplugs sh wget Update plugins
hexview sh xxd View a file in hex in $PAGER
imgresize sh imgp Resize images in directory to screen resolution
imgur bash - Upload an image to imgur (from imgur-screenshot)
ipinfo sh curl, whois Fetch external IP address and whois information
kdeconnect sh kdeconnect-cli Send selected files to an Android device
mocplay sh moc Appends (and plays, see script) selection/dir/file in moc
ndiff bash vimdiff Diff for selection (limited to 2 for directories)
nmount sh pmount, udisks2 Toggle mount status of a device as normal user
nwal sh nitrogen Set the selected image as wallpaper using nitrogen
pastebin sh pastebinit Paste contents of (text) file to
pdfview sh pdftotext/mupdf-tools View PDF file in $PAGER
picker sh nnn Pick files and pipe the newline-separated list to another utility
pywal sh pywal Set selected image as wallpaper, change terminal color scheme
splitjoin bash split, cat Split file or join selection
sxiv sh sxiv Browse images in a dir in sxiv, set wallpaper, copy path (config)
transfer sh curl Upload file to
upgrade sh wget Upgrade to latest nnn version manually on Debian 9 Stretch
viuimg sh viu, less View an image or images in a directory

Installing plugins

Download the getplugs plugin and execute it anywhere to get all the plugins installed to ~/.config/nnn/plugins. You can run it again later to update the plugins. It backs up earlier plugins.

NOTE: getplugs also downloads the launcher nlaunch and tries to place it at /usr/local/bin/ using sudo. If it fails you have to place nlauch manually somewhere in your $PATH.

File access from plugins

Plugins can access:

  • all files in the directory (nnn switches to the dir where the plugin is to be run so the dir is $PWD for the plugin)
  • the current file under the cursor (the file name is passed as the argument to a plugin)
  • the current selection (by reading the file ~/.config/nnn/.selection, see the plugin ndiff)

Each script has a Description section which provides more details on what the script does, if applicable.


Use the pick plugin shortcut to visit the plugin directory and execute a plugin. Repeating the same shortcut cancels the operation and puts you back in the original directory.

Contributing plugins

Plugins are scripts and all scripting languages should work. However, POSIX-compliant shell scripts runnable in sh are preferred. If that's too rudimentary for your use case, use Python, Perl or Ruby. Please keep non-portable commands (like notify-send) commented so users from any other OS/DE aren't surprised.

The plugins should be executable. Please add an entry in the table above.

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