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Flask-MongoKit simplifies the use of MongoKit (a powerful MongoDB ORM for Python) within Flask applications
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Flask-MongoKit simplifies to use MongoKit, a powerful MongoDB ORM in Flask applications.


The installation is thanks to the Python Package Index and pip really simple.

$ pip install Flask-MongoKit

If you only can use easy_install than use

$ easy_install Flask-MongoKit

Flask-MongoKit requires to run some packages (they will be installed automatically if they not already installed):

  • Flask
  • MongoKit
  • pymongo


  • 0.6 (08.07.2012)

    • Use the new app context and again the old request context.

    • The MongoKit object is now subscriptable and support the typical syntax to get a collection.:

      db['my_collection'].insert({'x': 5})
    • Restructured and improved test suite.

    • Sounds crazy but improved python2.5 support.

  • 0.5 (02.07.2012)

    • You don't need a request context anymore for the mongodb connection. (A bad decision ... look in 0.6)
  • 0.4 (23.02.2012)

    • Support new import system of flask. Use now:

      from flask.ext.mongokit import Mongokit
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