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Definitive TypeScript support for Moleculer service actions interface
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Moleculer TypeScript generator for services types


moleculer-ts is a tool which generates moleculer types for your sevices actions & events.


  • Generate types for call, emit, broadcast, broadcastLocal functions
  • Customizable Broker & Service interface
  • Automatic regeneration of types on files change
  • Using ts-patch & ts-transformer-enumerate - please follow installation instructions


Follow these steps to install moleculer-ts

# install moleculer and moleculer-ts
npm i moleculer moleculer-ts --save

# install typescript and few other tools
npm i typescript ts-patch ts-transformer-enumerate prettier @types/node -D

# localy patch typescript in order to work properly
node_modules/.bin/ts-patch install

Add to your tsconfig.json

Add ts-transformer-enumerate plugin to your compilerOptions in your tsconfig

  "compilerOptions": {
    "plugins": [{ "transform": "ts-transformer-enumerate/transformer" }]

You should be good to go

How to generate

*.service.types module structure

Define your service types interface

import { Action, Event, ConcatMultiple } from 'moleculer-ts';

// required to specify your service
export const name: 'serviceName' = 'serviceName';

// export list of own service actions
export type OwnActions = [];

// export list of own service events
export type OwnEvents = [];

// concat service's own actions/events with mixins inherited types
export type Actions = ConcatMultiple<[OwnActions]>;
export type Events = ConcatMultiple<[OwnEvents]>;

Write your script

Write your generator module. Use generateBroker to scan types and prints it in outputDir

import { generateBroker } from 'moleculer-ts';

(async () => {
  const brokerRootDir = `${process.cwd()}/src`;

  await generateBroker({
    serviceTypesPattern: `${brokerRootDir}/**/*.service.types.ts`,
    outputDir: `${brokerRootDir}/types`,

Run this script from package.json

  "scripts": {
    "gen:broker:types": "ts-node src/"

How to use

import your generated types and use them as input/output definition in service actions

import { Context } from 'moleculer';
import { UserServiceTypes } from '{brokerRootDir}/types';

export default {
  actions: {
    async get(
      ctx: Context<UserServiceTypes.ActionParams<'get'>>,
    ): Promise<UserServiceTypes.ActionReturn<'get'>> {
      // fully typed params
      const { params } = ctx;

      // Return matching output
      return {
        id: 'a',
        email: 'a',
        name: 'a',

Advanced usage

Moleculer TypeScript

Want to see more advanced usage? You can enable realtime typescript checking in your IDE

Head to examples to find out more

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